Cala Mondragó

It’s a cloudy start but the sun finally comes out to show the stunning colours of Cala Mondragó . Cala Mondragó is a small sandy beach located on the southwest coast of Mallorca within the natural park of Mondragó.

Azure waters at Cala D’Or

It’s onto the beaches of Cala D’Or now. Famous for their stunning waters. First up is Cala Petita, a little sandy cove with lots of rocks for diving. The waters are indeed incredible but the beach is heaving. Some blindingly bright bougainvillea pics as is traditional Then onto the sparkling waters of Cala Grande andContinue reading “Azure waters at Cala D’Or”

Beautiful beaches

Corsican is littered with stunning beaches of all shapes and sizes. So naturally we’re off to explore a few of them! From tiny coves to vast swathes of pure white sand, there’s a patch of sand to suit everyone. The sands are blissfully empty towards the end of September. It’s our favourite time of yearContinue reading “Beautiful beaches”

Rough seas and windswept sands

Onwards with our tour of the Costa Smeralda coastline and this time we’re treated to the sea at its windswept best. The water has transformed into a boiling, seething mass of navy fury topped with foamy white horses at Cala Liccia. To get to this empty, wind whipped shingle beach we have to do aContinue reading “Rough seas and windswept sands”